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Traditional Dentistry Goes High-Tech. What you need to know with Michael DiTolla - Online Program Secrets & Solutions from inside the world's largest dental lab - Online in 2015

Dr. Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD, has a private practice within Glidewell Laboratory (the largest in the world) processing 1.3 million crowns per year ! He is also their Director of Clinical Research & Education and as such advises dentists on preparations, solutions & material choices.

Dr Michael DiTolla has developed techniques that provide exceptional results with a very average set of hands, his mission is to share these techniques with clinicians to help them improve their preps, impressions & restorations.

Hottest Topics in Dentistry with Dr. Louis Malcmacher - Online Program Hottest Topics in Dentistry with Dr. Louis Malcmacher - Online Program

Spend time with Dr. Louis Malcmacher, a practicing general and esthetic dentist, noted author and dental educator, and voted a Leader in Continuing Education by Dentistry Today for the 14th straight year.

This is a fast moving interactive course that is proven to help you succeed in your practice through these challenging times. These topics include nearly every facet of general dentistry and will explore practical clinical and practice management topics that will grow your practice immediately.

Dental Business Excellence Workshop with Steven J. Anderson - Online Program Superior Business Building Secrets Revealed - Online in 2012

Steven J Anderson is the founder and president of the "Total Patient Service Institute", which specialises in implementing the highest level of patient service in dental practices. His seminar "Dental Business Excellence Workshop" is now available to you as an online tutorial.

Best of breed practices from the leading dentists that have proven – in practice - to shift the dental paradigm – dramatically increasing practice performance, team cohesion, case acceptance and word of mouth referral - leading to bigger, better, more productive practices!

Clinical Mastery by Dr Hornbrook - Online Program Clinical Mastery by Dr David Hornbrook: Clinical excellence through education - online in 2012

Dr David Hornbrook is a Cosmetic & Restorative dentist who captures the Art & Science of Dentistry with his research and proven restorative & cosmetic techniques. His seminar "Clinical Mastery" is now available to you as an online tutorial.

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Our Mission is to facilitate the growth and health of the Dental Industry by providing access to world class knowledge through the best educators who are inspiring, have integrity and are leaders in their specialist fields. Power2B is impartial, we do not benefit from dental company endorsements and are independent. Our speakers are selected based on how they can add incremental value to your business and business protocols.

Since 1986 Ruth Port has toured dental icons such as Dr Gordon Christensen, Dr Michael Ditolla, Prof Raymond L Bertolotti, Profesor Edward Lynch, Linda Miles, Dr Howard Farran, Dr David Hornbrook, Dr Bill Blatchford, Dr Jeffrey Hoos, Dr Buddy Mopper, Walter Hailey and Steve Anderson to Australia and New Zealand.

Power2B does NOT warrant any of the products or information covered by our speakers or trade displays. It is up the the discretion of the dentist to evaluate the materials and equipment in accordance with their standard business practices eg TGA.

Welcome to the Power2B world, we invite all feedback and suggestion in mutual interest of growth and inspiration!


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Dr Michael DiTolla 2015 Dental Seminar

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